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Otolaryngology CME CPD

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Category: CPD/CME - Otology

A 43-year-old female presents with a 6-month history of persistent dizziness and unsteadiness. She reports that her symptoms are exacerbated by upright posture, movement, and exposure to complex visual stimuli. There are no significant auditory symptoms. Which feature in her history is most suggestive of persistent postural-perceptual dizziness (PPPD)?

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Category: CPD/CME - Physiology

A 23-year-old male presents with a history of headaches, dizziness, and recent onset of ataxia. MRI reveals multiple cerebellar hemangioblastomas. Further investigation shows a family history of renal cell carcinoma and pheochromocytomas. Which syndrome is most likely associated with these findings?

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Category: CPD/CME - Benign Head and Neck and Endocrine

A 65-year-old woman presents with a rapidly enlarging neck mass, dysphagia, and hoarseness. Imaging reveals a large, heterogeneous thyroid mass with areas of necrosis and calcification, extending into the surrounding structures, including the trachea and esophagus. Which of the following imaging features is least likely to be associated with anaplastic thyroid carcinoma?

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Category: CPD/CME - Laryngology

A 65-year-old male presents with a history of progressive dysphagia, regurgitation of undigested food, and chronic cough, particularly at night. On barium swallow study, a large Zenker's diverticulum is identified. Which symptom is most directly related to the size of the Zenker's diverticulum?

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Category: CPD/CME - Paediatric ENT

A 12-year-old child presents with severe dyspnea, aphonia, and dysphagia following suboccipital decompression and C1 laminectomy for a symptomatic type 1 Arnold-Chiari malformation. Videolaryngostroboscopy reveals bilateral vocal cord abduction paralysis. Which of the following is the most likely cause of the bilateral vocal cord paralysis in this patient?

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